14 October 2011

Comparison of Motorcycle Features, Suzuki Hayate 125 vs Honda Vario CBS Techno and Yamaha Xeon 125 cc

Suzuki Hayate 125 vs Honda Vario CBS Techno and  Yamaha Xeon 125 cc

Suzuki Hayate 125 which is the next generation Suzuki Skywave 125 was officially sold in Indonesia. Carrying the 125cc engine and released at a price of Rp 14.3 million (on the road in Jakarta), which uses model skubek Bacdhim Irfan is equivalent juxtaposed with CBS Vario Techno and Xeon 125.

All three are positioned as skubek one level, both fall into the category Hi-End skubek. The price was not much different, Xeon and Vario Techno CBS released Rp 15.8 million. So also with the features and technology. so let us compare!

Convenience Features and Accommodations

By design, all three are designed to highlight the impression of a futuristic but without forgetting the needs and comfort of the rider. All three offer a thick seat that will make it comfortable for long drive.

Feet wide and owned Xeon Vario Techno CBS, but on Hayate still blocked in the middle of the chassis. Even so, based on driving experience with Hayate 125, feet of available space is still quite comfortable.

Circumference of 16 inches and dual wheels on the rear suspension makes Hayate is claimed to be superior about comfort. Large rim diameter is believed to absorb shocks better than 14-inch wheels.

Hayate (left) is most widespread, CBS Vario Techno (right) is most narrow

 But in dimension, and certainly the cutest Xeon more agile winding jams. Vario Techno CBS there in the middle and most great is Hayate. Although Suzuki designed the handlebars are not too wide to be more agile handling, but the wheel base that reaches 1285 mm and a long tail still felt.

Moderate accommodation affairs, has been providing third skubek console box under the bar. Then under the seat trunk box was prepared with dimensions large enough.

Hayate admittedly have storage space under the seat of the most extensive, full-face helmet can enter! Moderate Xeon just enough to keep half face helmet. Vario being the most narrow, only fit two sets of raincoats and some key equipment.

Safety features

Talk safety features, progress on the Hayate 125 is in addition to standard engine connected to a stop like a Honda Vario Techno CBS. Averse engine flame when the standard still open. For the record, the Xeon does not have this device.

In addition, Hayate has also been equipped with Aho (Automatic Headlamp On) same with Xeon. Hayate so skubek first lit the lamp directly from the engine started.

For other safety devices, Vario Techno CBS is top notch. Skubek Honda is equipped with a combi brake system that will automatically provide the front brake when the rear brake is enabled. Vario Techno CBS is also the only one of these three skubek have the parking brake feature.

Safety devices in all of this is the key handlebars skubek seeurity magnets, Suzuki calls it Integrated magnetic shutter key. In addition, dual head lamp also become a mainstay of the three skubek this.

Hayate speedometer appearance (left) is most simple. Xeon (center) is equipped with indicators like motor injection
 Features and Machine Technology

In the specification machine, the most champion Xeon ascertained. The engine is 125cc single cylinder, SOHC with 2 valves equal Hayate, but is equipped with a water cooler. CBS is being Vario Techno 110cc though it was only equipped with a water cooler.

The capacity of the machine itself requires a larger fuel supply, so Hayate and Xeon berventuri 26 mm disposable carburetor, CBS Vario Techno is only 22 mm.

But karbu Xeon more sophisticated because it is equipped with TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) which provide appropriate input aperture sheath gas ignition. The result is claimed to be more complete combustion.

Xeon also been adopted DiASil Cylinder Hayate is wearing the equivalent of SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material. The advantage of this material can make a stronger cylinder block and antigores. In addition, to reduce excess heat.

As for the power generated, Hayate and Xeon power equivalent to 9.6 Ps, being only 8.99 Vario Techno CBS Ps, although the smallest Vario is believed to have more efficient fuel consumption than the two rivals this

Suzuki Hayate 125 Yamaha Xeon Honda Vario CBS Techno
Price OTR Jakarta (Rp,Juta) 14,3 15,9 15,9
Color choice 4 5 5
Engine warranty (years) 3 3 3
Length x Width x Height (mm) 1.925 x 670 x 1.070 1.850 x 685 x 1.060 1.904 x 680 x 1.090
Wheelbase (mm) 1.285 1.260 1.273
Lowest distance to the ground (mm) 140 125 133
Empty weight (kg) 113 103 101
Fuel tank capacity (L) 4,7 4,1 3,6
Kapasitas oli mesin (Liter) 1 0,8 0,7
Front Suspension Teleskopik Teleskopik Teleskopik
Rear Suspension Swing arm, dual sokbreker Swing arm, single sokbreker Swing arm, single sokbreker
Front Brake Cakram hidrolis Cakram hidrolis Cakram hidrolis
Rear Brake Tromol Tromol Tromol
Pelek depan Casting 16 inci Casting 14 inci Casting 14 inci
Rear velg Casting 16 inci Casting 14 inci Casting 14 inci
Front tire size 70/90 - 16m / C36P 70/90 - 14m / C34P 80/90 - 14m / C40P
Rear tire size 80/90-16m / C43P 90/80-14m / C49P 90/90-14m / C46P
Tipe SOHC 4-tak SOHC 4-tak SOHC 4-tak
Sistem pendingin Udara Liquid (radiator) Liquid (radiator)
Diameter x langkah (mm) 53,5 x 55,2 52,4 x 57,9 50 x 55
Kapasitas silinder (cc) 124 124 108
Perbandingan kompresi 9,6 : 1 10,9 : 1 10,7 : 1
Daya maksimum (ps/rpm) 9,6 / 8.000 9,6 / 8.000 8,99 / 8.000
Torsi maksimum (Nm/rpm) 9,8 / 6.500 10,10 / 7.000 8,33 / 6.500
Karburator Mikuni BS26 Mikuni BS26 Keihin VK22
Kopling Kering, Sentrifugal AT Kering, Sentrifugal AT Kering, Sentrifugal AT
Sistem penggerak V-Belt Otomatis (CVT) V-Belt Otomatis (CVT) V-Belt Otomatis (CVT)
Sistem pengapian DC-CDI DC-CDI DC-CDI
Sistem starter Elektrik & Engkol Elektrik & Engkol Elektrik & Engkol
Sistem tambahan - - CBS (Combi Brake Sistem)
Source: Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda




Source : motorplus-online.com


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