13 November 2010


The MJBook Maker is a electronic book(ebook) for cellular or a Windows program that can convert a .txt file into a .jar file. and not only just text ,you can make photo album with this application , On this program, you could specify the details of your e-book such as the title, information of the e-book, the author, etc. There are also the settings that you can change for your convenience such as the phone screen size, the font face and size of the document, the background color, the font spacing , make it private with password ,so u can fill this app with your secret code or any confidential number like email password or bank account with the password and more.
After you have specified the settings for your e-book, the program takes over and converts the document you selected into midlets.

The E-book Reader The created midlets already contain both the converted document and the e-book reader. You can now send or install them into any Java enabled phone. This is a good feature because you can share your created e-book with anyone even if they don’t have an e-book reader.
So in other word This is the easiest way to read your favorite book when you waste your time in a queue or traffic jam.

Sudah banyak site yg membahas applikasi mjbookmaker ini , yap betul ini adalah aplikasi untuk membuat ebook format jar
untuk di gunakan di handphone kamu yg sudah support java ,kamu bisa berkreasi dengan applikasi ini ,misalkan hobby bikin cerita ato bikin tutorial apa saja ,yang nanti nya kamu bisa share di website kamu ,ato dengan teman ato pacar ,panel antar muka nya juga gampang and sederhana koq :

1.tulis book name (midlet name)
2.tulis info author
3.source file (kamu bikin aja dulu di notepad/txt) tinggal impor
4.max text size di isi aja 9999999
5.add image splash screen (buat gambar yg muncul pertama kali dibuka app nya)
6.icon midlet (gambar icon di folder hp kamu)
7.klik start , proses selesai ,klik show midlet
8.aplikasi jar nya tinggal di bluetooth / kabel data ke hp
9.install di hp nya ,done.

gampangkan ,tapi ada yang terlewatkan ,kalo applikasi ini bisa bikin album foto juga
loh ,tuh disamping text book , tinggal klik aja photo book gallery nya ,kalo mo iseng
tinggal impor deh tuh foto2 yang "aneh-aneh" abis itu di password , mantap kan..hahaha
...paham dunk ...hehehe....





Greg said...

Your vids were some of the first that I could stand to watch once, let alone twice!

Isn't it crazy that people would rather the same garbage over and over instead of new and fresh material?
I mean your videos are much better than most of the crap on there.

SO keeep it up

Anonymous said...

love this tut! more! XD

Anonymous said...

can you show how to put pictures on ebook ..i try it so many times ..but i cant figure it out ..thank you :)

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