18 November 2010

How To Make java Bookmark Apps For Ur Site

This tutorial will tell you step by step the easy way to created jar file contain url addreas of website . so when someone with cellular or handphone ,hit that application and download ,it will make shortcut or launcher to your site .

The tool that we need is winrar ,notepad and BLOGSPOT.jar file (DOWNLOAD HERE).

Simple trick :

* 1.extract the blogspot jar file with winrar to new folder
* 2.open new foder , and find ksatria.txt and open with notepad, change the url & save
* 3.open META-INF and then open MANIFEST.MF with notepad and change TJC007.BLOGSPOT.COM with yours & save.
* 4.back to original file(BLOGSPOT.jar) ,left click ,open with winrar and then drag n drop a ksatria.txt and do the same with MANIFEST.MF , thats it!!close winrar and install the jar file by transfer (bluetooth or cable data) to cellular.
* 5.you can change the icon (ksatria.png) with your picture ,as long as the pixel 100x100 and image file is png ,and name it with ksatria.png , and just do like step 4 drag n drop.

    OR u may try this bookmark maker online CHECK IT OUT

    see video tutor :


    dani said...

    ma kasih tutorial nya mas ,sangat membantu

    TJC007 said...

    ur welcome dani ..just share

    reza mahmoudi said...

    I CANT DOWNLOAD THE BLOGSPOT.JAR FROM THE : http://www.4shared.com/file/wFaFxoUF/BLOGSPOT.html

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