22 February 2011

WinHTTrack Website Copier

WinHTTrack Website Copier 3.43-9

This application really owesome , i mean it's really help you ,when you want to copy or download a full website content you favorite , let say mp3 file,image file,video file and even entire content that website provide like html code,css,js etc , or maybe you just need only/not entire file only image or mp3 or video , all you have to do just manage the setting . so It allows you to download a World Wide website from the Internet to a local directory or your pc, then you can browse the site as offline browser , so my point is , if you are webmaster or wapmaster and begin to make a new website or wapsite/mobile site , and fill your content site with your favorite site content , just use this application then after you got all that file ,just upload to your new site , i mean if you want try manually download that all file ,one by one  , it will tire you and took long time to finish that job . my first experience with this WINHTTRACK is when i develope my new mp3 song freedownload site , it really help me when
i have to grab or collect so many mp3 file to put to my new site , all i have to do just find mp3 website that provide free download song and one mirror and manage the setting only for mp3 file and setting to shutdown and disconnect my pc when finish then i go to sleep then when i wake up it's already a hundred mp3 file at my pc ,all i have to do just upload them to my new site  , and how about if you are not web/wap master , the advantage is you can open that site that already you copy or download to your pc , as you see like viewing it online so it's save your money ,because you can open that website without online and  HTTrack can also update an existing mirrored site, and resume interrupted downloads. HTTrack is fully configurable, and has an integrated help system.
Many Webmasters are concerned about bandwidth abuse, even if this problem is caused by a minority of people. Offline browsers tools, like HTTrack, can be used in a WRONG way, and therefore are sometimes considered as a potential danger.
But before thinking that all offline browsers are BAD, consider this: students, teachers, IT consultants, websurfers and many people who like your website, may want to copy parts of it, for their work, their studies, to teach or demonstrate to people during class school or shows. They might do that because they are connected through expensive modem connection, or because they would like to consult pages while travelling, or archive sites that may be removed one day, make some data mining, comiling information ("if only I could find this website I saw one day..").
There are many good reasons to mirror websites, and this helps many good people.As a webmaster, you might be interested to use such tools, too: test broken links, move a website to another location, control which external links are put on your website for legal/content control, test the webserver response and performances, index it.

so my sugesstion is :
1.Do not download too large websites: use filters
2.Do not steal private information
3.Try not to download during working hours
4.Do it wisely.

so try download this application in 4SHARED or www.httrack.com

Have fun with HTTrack Website Copier!

1. Select an action The default action is Download web sites
  • Download web site(s),Will transfert the desired sites with default options
  • Download web site(s) + questions ,Will transfert the desired sites with default options, and ask questions if any links are considered as potentially downloadable
  • Get individual files , Will only get the desired files you specify (for example, ZIP files), but will not spider through HTML files
  • Download all sites in pages (multiple mirror), Will download all sites that appears in the site(s) selected. If you drag&drop your boormark file, this option lets you mirror all your favorite sites
  • Test links in pages (bookmark test), Will test all links indicated. Useful to check a bookmark file
  • Continue interrupted download, Use this option if a download has been interrupted (user interruption,crash..)
  • Update existing download ,Use this option to update an existing project. The engine will recheck the complete structure, checking each downloaded file for any updates on the web site

2. Enter the site's addresses You can click on the Add a URL button to add each address, or just type them in the box.

3. You may define options by clicking on the Set options button
    You can define filters or download parameters in the option panel Connect to this provider
    You can select here a specific provider to connect to when begining the mirror if you are not already
    connected to the Internet.

    Disconnect when finished
    Click on this checkbox to ask httrack to disconnect the network when mirror is finished.

    Shutdown PC when finished
    Click on this checkbox to ask httrack to shutdown your computer when mirror is finished.

    On Hold
    You can enter here the time of the mirror start. You can delay up to 24 hours a mirror using this feature.

4.Wait until the mirror is finishing
You can cancel at any time the mirror, or cancel files currently downloaded for any reasons (file too big, for example) Options can be changed during the mirror: maximum number of connections, limits

5. Check log files ,You may check the error log file, which could contain useful information if errors have  occurred

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thanks for your tips and information. I'll try it when I download some files.

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