06 April 2011

Aplikasi Online Photo Editor

The existence of several online photo editor application that provide at internet , really help us to  edit photos that creative and innovative, especially for those who does not have knowledge for photoshop, corel and other picture application, it would be very easy in playing edits with a picture of you or with your friends. The best part of this site is that most of these sites are free to access, and you do not even need any technical knowledge to  editing process, because all you have to do, simply by uploading your photo, and then stay to adjust to the frame or theme of your project, after that you show off to your fellow colleagues on facebook or other social networks, because this sharing sites already integrate with couple social networks, and with proud you can include the photo with the word, "EDIT BY ME".   lol.

Here are some
a couple websites that you can explore to convert your photo from the treadmill to be more cool, sophisticated and exotic.

   Editing picture with magazine cover .

with facial makeover facilities and replace your hair with hair hollywood celebrities, then change your face from old to young and its reverse, and change your body to be slim, really recommend to try, guaranteed ,you won't regret it.

with quite complete facilities, ranging from facial makeover, avatars, cartoon, photo frames and change you so funny..                         

with photo effects which the facility is complete with a Hollywood celebrity, advertising billboards and animated images or moving images.

with photo effects facility which will consist magazines, billboards, paintings, frames and movies.

with facilities consisting photo effects will photograph mosaic, ID cards, calendars, posters, frames, banners, and others.

with facilities consisting photo effects will be many kinds of frames are pretty funny .

with facilities photo effects that can move your face into your favorite celebritis or take pictures with your idol, say with justin its Beiber and others. 

with facilities consisting photo effects will photograph in combination with symbols, text and frame.

with photo effects facility that will consist animated images, calendar and change of face.

with photo effects facility which will consist funny photos, ugly and ridiculous.

 with facilities repair and manipulate our photos.


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nice post dan sexy

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thanks for visit yow

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Wah software keren nih! itu uda ada link download nya kan??

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