25 July 2011

Pagerank and alexarank

All website owners want to reach big PR (PageRank) and Alexa.

Pagerank and alexarank an example benchmarks  the popularity of a blog or website. By using two rank benchmark we can assess how advanced and successful in the competition blog or website on the internet. But from these two gauges where the best and which ones can be relied upon as a benchmark in the determinant?

To answer that question, first we must first understand the criteria used by pagerank and alexarank in their assessments to a blog or website. Let's start with pagerank. Pagerank is a ranking given by Google to a blog or website based on the quality of the content or the content of your blog / website. The more good and useful content blog / website, then the ranking will be also better.

Ranking pagerank given using numbers 0 through 10. The better the quality content your blog / website, the greater pageranknya. Pagerank is not influenced by the number of visits / unique visitor. So
a high PageRank will still be given to a blog with quality content that is good, although traffic is not good.

Pagerank is still used as a benchmark in the program paid review. The higher pageranknya, the more expensive the price reviews of the blog is concerned. In addition to good quality content, PageRank is also influenced by the frequency of update blog content. Old blogs not being updated pageranknya also not good.

Pagerank same rank can be owned by many blogs, this is because the process of ranking using only range from 0 to 10. Unlike the alexarank, the process of ranking using numbers up to tens of millions and references based on traffic to the blog visit. Increasingly crowded traffic, the better the ranking given alexaranknya with the smaller number (if PageRank greater numbers).

Pay Per Click programs are more suitable to be applied on a blog with a nice alexarank (small numbers), because by visiting the many possible click ads is also greater. Alexarank is not affected by pagerank. So even though content blog / website is the result of copy and paste, if keywordnya able to compete in search engines, then the traffic will also remain crowded.


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