09 July 2011

Web browser review and compare

Many people choose their web browser based on speed and performance over all other considerations. For that we have been referring to some of the most popular web browsers to help people choose. We ran it through a browser three different tests. The Sun Spider test of JavaScript, the Acid 3 test standards, and peacekeeping Futuremark new set of tests.

Benchmarks run on a variety of different machines with hardware that is fairly similar and different operating systems ranging from Windows XP to Windows 7. Each test is run three times and the average of the three is taken as the score.

Acid3 is a test page from the Web Standards Project that checks how well a web browser the following selected elements of a certain web standards, particularly relating to the Document Object Model (DOM) and JavaScript. The higher the score, the more compliant web browser. Of the tested browsers, IE8 scored lowest with a 20/100. IE9 scored better with 83/100. Surprisingly only scored 94 Firefox 3.6 and Firefox 4 Beta scored 97. The other browsers (Chrome, Safari, Opera) all the 100 on the Acid 3 test.

JavaScript is Sunspider test benchmark suite that aims to measure JavaScript performance on tasks that are relevant for the future use of current and near JavaScript in the real world. Examples of this are things like encryption and manipulation of text. lower scores on tests are better than higher scores. The winner of this test is Chrome, although the Opera came in a close second. Safari is a not too distant third and fourth IE9 surprise coming. Firefox 4 shows a marked improvement in Firefox 3.6, but both came as a surprise fourth and fifth. I have higher expectations for Firefox. IE8, not surprisingly, came last by a large gap.

Guard measures of performance testing that
your browser with JavaScript functions. score keeper is measured in operations per second or frames per second are given, depending on the test. With a guard, a higher score is better. For this test suite, Opera and Chrome are neck and neck. Chrome is a bit better with a score of 4771 compared with 4707 Opera. Safari comes with a distant third with a score of 2865. Firefox 4 and 3.6 came in fourth and fifth with a score of 2480 and 2174 respectively. IE9 scored more than three times better than IE8 with a score of 1825-595.

In conclusion, this browser It Geektime prices from best to worst in terms of raw performance; Google Chrome, Opera, Apple Safari, Firefox 4 beta, Firefox 3.6, Internet Explorer preview 9, and the recent Internet Explorer 8. Google has put a lot of effort to make Chrome a super fast, and it shows. Opera claims to be the fastest browser around, while this is not true, tight. Safari become a competitor is not surprising because it uses the same WebKit rendering engine that Chrome. Firefox is near the back of the package is surprising. Internet explorer is the final death of the most obvious is not surprising. Internet Explorer 8 shows the age to post such a terrible score in each test. This test is only testing the raw performance, mostly in JavaScript applications, and do not reflect all the other features of the browser.
Google Chrome Review

Let's start off the showdown with Google's killer Web browser, Google Chrome. The search company entered the arena of Web browsers with a remarkable entry. Everyone seems to love Chrome's simplicity, compatibility, speed and advanced features.

While Chrome's features are relatively complex, they're engineered in such a way that users can easily use them.

The download manager is very convenient and inconspicuous. It's integrated at the bottom of the window and just sits there while the downloading is occurring.

Another one of Chrome's interesting features is the drag and drop function. You simply highlight a text or link on a webpage and drag it to your search bar to get search results.

With the recent roll-out of Chrome 10, the browser seems to have earned more followers. The pinned tabs feature is a delight and the minimalist layout allows you to maximize the display of your entire computer monitor.

The browser has problems with Windows OS integration, though. However, Chrome's biggest drawback is the lack of add-ons. For instance, it doesn't have toolbars for StumbleUpon, S3Fox, AdBlock or other applications that many depend on. If it weren't for that, Chrome would probably be the best Web browser.

Mozilla Firefox Review

Of course, there's good old Firefox. This product from Mozilla is reportedly the fastest browser as far as download speed goes.

Most Internet users are impressed by the browser's security functions. There's a pop-up blocker that prevents 100% of pop-ups from showing up, and the spyware feature has greatly protected so many computers from certain viruses.

Firefox's tabbed browsing capability is one of the main reasons why the browser became such a hit a few years back.

Now that Firefox 4 is here, it looks like the browser is still ready to fight despite the tight competition. The new and improved version boasts interesting features like Tab Groups, which allows you to group regularly used pages together. There's also a new layout that maximizes a lot of monitor space.

One disappointing thing about Firefox, however is that it easily crashes if you've opened too many tabs. In fact, this is the reason why Mozilla invested so much in the memory recovery feature.

Internet Explorer Review

Developed by Microsoft, Internet Explorer has generated a lot of support, as well as hate. While some say that it's the worst Web browser ever, many still use Internet Explorer because it comes pre-installed in Windows-based computers.

Yet another streamlined new browser, Internet Explorer 9, looks like it's ready to compete. Overall speed performance is impressive, and graphics are delivered better. IE 9 also boasts of sharper looking fonts so that you can easily drag and drop tabs, just like with Chrome.

The final version of this new IE was released last March 14, 2011.

Earlier Internet Explorer versions were a pain sometimes. The entire browser would freeze and crash at times if one single page failed to load. With IE 8, however, only the affected tab would close if it got bugged.

Speed-wise, Internet Explorer 8 is definitely better than its predecessors. The faster downloading has considerably helped Microsoft win back some customers.

Integration with other Microsoft applications is another plus. Internet Explorer 8 can easily work with Outlook Web Access, among other computer programs.

IE 8 has its fair share of shortcomings. For one, it only supports Windows, and it lacks a download manager. What's more, launching the browser takes a frustratingly long time.

Internet Explorer 9 looks promising, but it has a problem with websites that show up incorrectly.

Apple Safari Review

A favorite among many Mac users, Safari has come a long way. It was even more loved when it became available for PC users in 2007. Of course, there are others who think that Safari is better left to Mac users.

One good thing about Safari is that it looks clean. One look at the browser and you'll figure out where the options are and what most of them are for.

Simplicity and ease of navigation give the browser more cool points. There's no need for a lot of customization, and this may be one thing that make it run effectively and smoothly.

Safari 5, specifically, is praised for its cover flow, lovely interface elements, fast JavaScript performance and good tab integration.

On the other hand, people looking for themes and personalization may get turned off by the Safari's simplicity. More importantly, Safari doesn't come with extensions (yet).

Source : addme.com & gicara.com



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