06 August 2011

Play Mini Dirt Bike Online

Dirt bike games have always excited the speed and raw bike enthusiasts. The all new Mini Dirt Bike internet game quenches the thirst of all avid bike game lovers for sure. You are the rider in with the full gear and helmet and astride on a small red dirt bike. You have to complete levels going through muddy tracks and steel rails while collecting points on the way.
The mini bike is stable but that is what you have to control. It moves forward with the up arrow button and backwards with the down arrow key. The biker tilts backwards with the left arrow key and forwards with the right one. While riding you have to collect stars and points of different kinds which will increase your health and score. In total there are five levels to be completed and with each level completed more points are added to the final score.

It is not as easy as it looks.There are a lot of hurdles on the way and huge gorges which can make you land with your head hitting on the ground! So riders, be informed. This is no child's play. You get three lives and there is also a time bonus that you can achieve by completing a level fast enough.
While riding through the fun filled conditions and dangerous slopes, you can also perform front flips and back flips which will help you increase the score which is displayed at all times on the top of the game screen. The health bar and the number of lives left are also displayed and you have to keep in mind the progress while playing the game.
The clouds, trees and mountains in the background form the perfect atmosphere for a bike game arcade and maintain a sense of heart throbbing adventure. The rider vibrates on the dirt bike just like a real one which adds to the intensity of game play. You can see the black smoke emerging from the silencer of the bike which brings out the attention to detail in the online bike game.
The graphics make you feel like a real rider atop beautiful green slopes and edges which increase the difficulty of the game but only to a certain extent. After you know how the bike handles, it becomes more of a fun game and you enjoy the rocky terrain and look forward to more such obstacles. There are empty barrels and old tyres all along the way which make you jump and that is when you need to tilt the bike in the right direction or maybe make use of it and perform some amazing flips, hence earning more points. The circle enclosed stars which earn you points seem to burst into flames as soon as you run into them. The wild adventure sports game surely makes you take the edge of your seat in the anticipation of a next level and your urge to achieve it even as you keep collecting more and more points.
Don't let yourself take a wrong flip or you can end up killing yourself. The background music is a feet tapping one and it accentuates the gaming pleasure immensely.Play the mini dirt bike game for its quality of outdoor backdrop and the tricks and stunts you will accidentally discover! Enjoy!

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